My friend can do it…

Why do we need to hire a photographer when my friend can do it?

I have heard this time and time again, and with the mass abundance quality dSLRs which raise the quality ten fold from point and shoot cameras, I do not see this phrase going away. I do not want to speak for other professionals, but from my experience in the wedding industry this is heard quite a bit – DJ, florist, coordinator, etc. When I would hear this, I would proceed to explain to the couple about my experience creating consistent results, owning top quality gear, knowing how to handle situations when they go wrong, and everything else that I have learned while being a photographer for these past few years.

This phrase has become a pet peeve of mine for awhile, until I really thought about it. I have been trying to convince them they needed me, basically a stranger, to come document their wedding. I have been using the same technique that everyone else is, but I offer a uniquely different service – me. I am missing an opportunity, and when I hear the phrase, “my friend can do it” I should answer, “Absolutely” because, in all honesty, I like to consider myself a friend to my couples. I provide my services as a photographer, but I also like to think that over the course of planning the engagement shoot, consultations, the wedding, album design, and all of the other times I work with my couple, often times over the course of a year +, I become friends with them. I meet them at Disneyland, or go to the Zoo (coming soon), or just shoot the shit, I consider each of my clients friends.I now embrace this saying, knowing full well that I have a tendency to make friends fairly easily (just follow Victoria and I to any restaurant we frequent).

To break it down, when I am asked “Cant my friend do it”, the answer will be yes. You should make friends with all of your wedding vendors, seeing as they will be doing everything they can to make one of the most important days of your life memorable.