Kerry and Patrick – Engaged

Let me just start off by saying this couple holds a special place in my heart (just like all of my couples). I learned that Patrick got engaged last year at a Christmas party, put on by his mom, who also happens to have known me since I was really young and plays the piano for our church music group that I sing in. Patrick and I had been talking for 45 minutes – a little about his wedding, more about his beautiful bride-to-be, and soon after we went on our way. Flash forward to a few months later, I was talking to Frances and she passed my card along to Kerry, we started talking, and that was that.


We decided that Balboa Park would be fitting for an engagement session, seeing that they are having their reception at The Prado, and the fact they are both self-proclaimed “plant geeks”. Little did I know this phrase held so much weight. As we started in the cactus garden, Patrick and Kerry took turns naming every plant they saw – most of which I thought was scientifically named “plant” or “tree”. Obviously, I was wrong. It was a very informative engagement session, and I assure you I will learn a lot more plant names after their wedding.


Anyways, on with the photos!





Does it get any cuter?












A good one to end on, the plant nerdy-ness came out and gave us a great leaf that symbolized this beautiful day.






Stay tuned, for we will be back with Patric and Kerry’s wedding photos in October!

Mike and Viv – Couple portraits

This has been a long awaited shoot, and I am so glad it finally happened. Trying to juggle 3 crazy hectic schedules, Christmas, family, New Years, the uncharacteristic rain that has befallen us this winter, I think we had to reschedule 4 or 5 times. When dealing with a couple like Mike and Viviana though, it is hard not to get excited.


I used to work with Mike and Viviana at Best Buy. They recently moved on to different stores, but before they did we got along well. Viv is great at her job and is going to cosmetology school, and Mike has been one of the best supervisors I have ever had. With portraits of couples being increasingly popular (no need to be engaged to get good photos of yourself) we set a date and decided to shoot at one of San Diego’s premiere landmarks, Balboa Park.


Mike and Viv’s love is infectious, and it is obvious these two are good for each other. I know what you are thinking – less talking, more photos! So, here we go!


Adorable, right?





Ok Mike, dont laugh. This is what I get.






My new lens. I love that it looks like a painting already – it lends itself perfectly to a large printed canvas.




Oh wow, look at that tree. Yeah, it looks really cool. I want to do a photo with it. Mike, go ahead and sit on the tree.


Somehow we decided it would be best if he slid down it. Viv face-palms.




I have to have my fisheye shot in somewhere, right?



And finally…



Stay tuned for these guys, I have a feeling this will not be my last time photographing with them.