Allison and Adam – Engaged

Allison and I met back in high school at West Hills High School in Santee, and have stayed in touch for a while. She is entirely too sweet, and when she told me she was engaged and wanted to talk to me about having me photograph her wedding I was elated. She is quite the planner, and even though my portfolio was slim, she had faith in me and my growth as a photographer. The more I came to know Allison, the more I noticed how kind and genuine she was. I was really interested to see which man has stolen her heart, and after meeting Adam for a few minutes, I am not ashamed to admit he stole mine a little bit too (only kidding).

These two are obviously in love, and are extremely easy to get along with. I instantly became best friends with both of them, and love what I do all over again.  Allison wanted a session in Coronado, yet something that screamed San Diego. I think we did a good job with it.

Right off the bat these two were comfortable with me “all up in their grill” (yes, this is how I speak during engagement sessions, doesn’t everyone?). Can’t you just feel the love between these two?

Allison is ticklish. Well, not if you ask her, but Adam knows her well.

That is Point Loma in the background.

Allison planned it perfectly to get a full moon during the shoot too.

Ok, maybe she didn’t plan the full moon. But with how much of a planner she is, it could be.

Stay tuned for their wedding – I can only imagine it being a spectacular affair.






Skate Session – Downtown San Diego

After hibernating for the majority of our San Diego “Winter” (Cold summer as I like to call it), I called up a friend to see if he was interested in doing a fun shoot downtown  – something active and something that I could mess around with my lights. Skateboarding with his brother and friend was the consensus, and all three were fantastic … human light stands when they needed be. Oh yeah, they could skate too.
We started down 9th Street in Downtown San Diego and made our way down by the convention center.

Richard mentioned he liked this because he looked fast!

Then I started to take the lights out.

It was a really fun shoot, and something I look forward to doing a little more.

Welcome Gavin and Nolan – the Conner twins!

I would like to introduce you all to Gavin and Nolan, the newest addition to the Conner family. The story behind these two miracle babies is wonderful, and after years and continuous support from their family, Jen and Josh received the wonderful news that they were going to be parents, double time.

The boys were born just a few days before Christmas, and I was able to photograph them yesterday, with Mom, Grandma, and cousins looking eagerly on, and what a great session it was. They only pee’d once, and it happened to be on big brother’s face for the most part. I think that will be a story that will be told at their wedding.

Anyway, I have made you wait long enough. Please welcome Gavin and Nolan.


Q: How cute are his hands?

A: Adorable.

Good morning little one 🙂

Mommy loves you.

Gavin’s turn. Someone wanted to play peek-a-boo.

I don’t think I like this…

Ok, it’s not toooo bad…


This has to be one of my favorite images. Someone got a little jealous and wanted to be in the session.

And of course Nolan gets his time to shine in the basket.

Throwing up some signs for the homies?

Who’s number 1?

And I believe this shot signifies the end of the shoot.

I hope you enjoyed the session as much as it is obvious the boys and I did. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Chris and Kristen – Engaged

I first met Chris about 22 years ago, it was a bright April morning and I was trying to get adjusted to my new home.

Ok, with out getting any more graphic, my brother is engaged. Although my brother and I are quite similar, we also have distinctly different personalities. Chris and Kristen are quite the goofballs, and I think it is noticeable in their engagement photos.  They have plans to get married at the Thursday Club, in what is slowly becoming one super wedding.

Anyways, enjoy the photos!

Chris Koci and Kristen Anderson

Because it was overcast, I asked them to lift their chin a little.

Paradise Point Engagement Photos

Paradise Point Engagement Photos

Chris Koci and Kristen Anderson

Chris Koci and Kristen Anderson

Chris Koci and Kristen Anderson

I just love this shot of them!

Chris Koci and Kristen Anderson

Chris Koci and Kristen Anderson

Chris Koci and Kristen Anderson

Chris Koci and Kristen Anderson

Chris Koci and Kristen Anderson

Chris Koci and Kristen Anderson

Chris Koci and Kristen Anderson

Chris Koci and Kristen Anderson

Miss Greater San Diego – Swimsuit Poster

With the Miss Greater San Diego Pageant USA  coming up quickly (tomorrow) I thought it would be appropriate to blog the swimsuit poster we came up with. I really had a lot of fun, and working with my new strobe really took this shoot to the next level (and also helped fuel my gear addiction).

Well, without further ado, the photographs.

After the poster shot, a few girls asked to have their photo taken individually. Here are just 2 of the individual photos I did.

And a few options for the cover of the pageant book.

Thanks for looking!

Not your normal “Grip and Grin”

While having breakfast Friday morning with my girlfriend Victoria, her aunt and cousin, I get a call from a photographer I work with, Kristen Peelle asking if I was available to do a shoot that day. I agreed, and quickly found out when the job was scheduled for – now. We get the check, head back home, while I frantically change and pack. I had very little information about what the shoot entailed, and was only told that they wanted “some action shots and some still shots at Gilespie Field”. I grabbed my bag, ran out the door, and headed out not knowing what was ahead of me.

When I got there, I was told I was basically going to be doing some grip and grin photos (smiling while looking at the camera, publicity shot kind of things).


I was then approached and asked if I had another camera that I could lend to one of the crew at the field so they can take some photos, when I responded, “Can’t I just take the photos?” Little did I know what I was volunteering for.

He responded, let me check, and asked the pilot if he minded if I went up with him to take some photos – up in the air! Although I didn’t know that I was asking to do that, I was all for it, and jumped at the chance to fly.

Here was the plane I got to fly in, a T-6.

And my flying quarters

My previous job site – a little different view, with a little different job description

And finally, some of the good stuff!

Thanks for looking!

Cameron and Katie – Engaged

We had so much fun at this engagement session last week, and even though there was a little miscommunication about exactly where we were meeting which made us race against the sun, we all feel like we got some great photos.

Cameron and Katie are old friends of my girlfriend Victoria, and from the start I can see why. They were so much fun, and with Katie being a cheerleader for years, when I told them to give me dramatic poses, they knew exactly what to do. As you will see in the photos, nothing was too wild for them to do which made for some very unique images.

Please enjoy.