Welcome Gavin and Nolan – the Conner twins!

I would like to introduce you all to Gavin and Nolan, the newest addition to the Conner family. The story behind these two miracle babies is wonderful, and after years and continuous support from their family, Jen and Josh received the wonderful news that they were going to be parents, double time.

The boys were born just a few days before Christmas, and I was able to photograph them yesterday, with Mom, Grandma, and cousins looking eagerly on, and what a great session it was. They only pee’d once, and it happened to be on big brother’s face for the most part. I think that will be a story that will be told at their wedding.

Anyway, I have made you wait long enough. Please welcome Gavin and Nolan.


Q: How cute are his hands?

A: Adorable.

Good morning little one 🙂

Mommy loves you.

Gavin’s turn. Someone wanted to play peek-a-boo.

I don’t think I like this…

Ok, it’s not toooo bad…


This has to be one of my favorite images. Someone got a little jealous and wanted to be in the session.

And of course Nolan gets his time to shine in the basket.

Throwing up some signs for the homies?

Who’s number 1?

And I believe this shot signifies the end of the shoot.

I hope you enjoyed the session as much as it is obvious the boys and I did. I would love to hear your thoughts!