Not your normal “Grip and Grin”

While having breakfast Friday morning with my girlfriend Victoria, her aunt and cousin, I get a call from a photographer I work with, Kristen Peelle asking if I was available to do a shoot that day. I agreed, and quickly found out when the job was scheduled for – now. We get the check, head back home, while I frantically change and pack. I had very little information about what the shoot entailed, and was only told that they wanted “some action shots and some still shots at Gilespie Field”. I grabbed my bag, ran out the door, and headed out not knowing what was ahead of me.

When I got there, I was told I was basically going to be doing some grip and grin photos (smiling while looking at the camera, publicity shot kind of things).


I was then approached and asked if I had another camera that I could lend to one of the crew at the field so they can take some photos, when I responded, “Can’t I just take the photos?” Little did I know what I was volunteering for.

He responded, let me check, and asked the pilot if he minded if I went up with him to take some photos – up in the air! Although I didn’t know that I was asking to do that, I was all for it, and jumped at the chance to fly.

Here was the plane I got to fly in, a T-6.

And my flying quarters

My previous job site – a little different view, with a little different job description

And finally, some of the good stuff!

Thanks for looking!

1 thought on “Not your normal “Grip and Grin”

  1. Very cool. I’m finally on Facebook once and for all. Checkin’ out your blog. Nice writing! And nice pics, as always. Keep up the good work. Glad to hear you’re still with your better half. Let’s get together sometime. -Steve

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